Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Marnie. She was the most popular girl at school. Marnie lived with her parents in a gigantic masion in paris France! Everybody wanted to be her friend! Anyone who was friends with her was so amazingly lucky!!! One day, Marnie set off to school confidently and excited because after school, she was headed to the super awesome barnyard party for all the cool cats in town! When she arrived at the super cool barnyard party she met up with her bestie, "big brown cow". Together, they had a blast! Later at 5:30am, the VIP hayride opened. Marnie and big brown cow were the first ones on the hayride. After the hayride, they chilled in the VIP barn and ate apple pie. After they ate apple pie for about two hours, they decided now they should go swimming!!! Big brown cow thought that that was a great idea. So on the count of three, they both dove in!!! Big brown cow made the biggest splash! Then Marnie realized that big brown cow was a world champion swimmer!!! He competed in the Olimpics and won a gold meddle!!! Marnie was so totaly jelly! She tried to show off but then she realized that everyone was bobbing for cupcakes from a bucket of water so she ran over there. When she got over there they told her and big brown cow that this was for the people that didn't get any pie. She was so upset that she ran in to the vip barn and ate more pie. A few min. later big brown cow came waddling in and said" do you want to play musical chairs with us"?. Marnie said sure so they played musical chairs. They were all playing musical chairs and having a grand old time. Than there was only three people left big brown cow, giggly goat, and wally the wolf. Marnie was cheering for big brown cow when the music stopped. They all rushed to get in to the chairs. Than by mistake big brown cow sat on wally the wolf and wally's leg fell off!!! Everybody screamed but instead of calling 911 they decided to call baskin robins to get ice cream cake. Well wally was laying flat on the ground. finally after about 4 hours wally came back from the emaergency room. They were all so glad to have him back! Mostly because there was about to start the talent show!!! It was so exiting! Everyone was so excited! Then suddenly the lights turned off and the show started. Marnie and big brown cow had their act all planned out. Then out of no where it was their turn! They got up on stage and big brown cow started cartwheeling around the stage. Marnie cranked up the music which by the way was call me maby. Occasionly Marnie would yell "whoo you got this buddy"!!!, Or "you are awesome!"

The party was awesome!!!